Ingenic Semiconductor

Ingenic Semiconductor is a leading Chinese embedded CPU provider which was founded in 2005 at Beijing. Ingenic Semiconductor designs its own ultra-low power CPU technology called XBurst. XBurst adopts an innovative pipeline engine which can emit instructions with very little power consumption.

XBurst provide a unique solution for embedded and mobile market. The performance, silicon area and power consumption of XBurst outperforms most of the existent industry embedded CPU cores. XBurst-based JZ47XX series SoC products have best-in-class performance and price ratio. Since their first generation was introduced in 2007, these systems have been successfully integrated inside e-readers, PMP, and tablets and have shipped  more than 30M units.

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The brand new Ingenic JZ4780 SoC with PowerVR Series5 graphics makes an appearance at CES 2013