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– Most electronic products today are a synthesis of hardware design and embedded software, and the embedded software is the main  differentiator for product functionality and performance. As a result, embedded  software has increased dramatically in electronic systems design. Mentor  Graphics is the only EDA company to offer vendor-independent embedded and open  source software, tools and services to help device manufacturers and embedded  software engineers through every stage of product development. The Mentor Embedded™ products and services include the Nucleus® real time operating system (RTOS), Inflexion™ UI graphics user interface, Android and Linux development systems and the EDGE™ Developer Suite.

Mentor Embedded Inflexion UI Technology

Mentor Embedded™  Inflexion™ UI solves the UI implementation problem and allows users of POWERVR IP Cores to meet the UI demands of today’s embedded devices. It enables the rapid implementation of compelling and visually rich user interfaces (UIs) with significantly reduced effort. Inflexion UI technology enables POWERVR IP Core licensees and their customers to create unique user experiences with compelling user interfaces. Inflexion can be ported to any OS and has out-of-the-box support for Android, Linux and Nucleus, allowing highly animated and visually rich 3D UIs on a wide range of devices.

Inflexion is applicable  to both high-end and low-end devices. It supports Open GL/ES hardware acceleration for 3G graphics and accelerated 2D graphics. It is ideally suited for consumer multimedia products, such as mobile multimedia and handheld devices as well as TV related products (TV, set top box, etc).

Mentor Embedded™ Inflexion™ UI technology comprises Inflexion UI Runtime, the on-device portion of the Inflexion UI system, and Inflexion UI Express tool which enables UI creation using a drag and drop approach, allowing implementation, testing and deploying  of your UI to your target without any code changes. Inflexion UI technology is  designed for embedded devices and provides an efficient UI engine to enable users of POWERVR IP Core to get the best out of their hardware.

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