MIPS Malta Linux Extendable Platform Kit (EPK)

The MIPS Malta Linux Extendable Platform Kit™ (EPK™) is a virtual platform, or virtual prototype, designed to provide a base for users to run high-speed software simulations of MIPS-based SoCs and platforms. The EPK enables users to enjoy the advantages of a virtual platform – observability, controllability, repeatability – for embedded software development. It includes instruction accurate simulation models of the key components of the Malta board, including models of all the MIPS CPUs, and a Linux distribution. For MIPS processors which support multiple cores, SMP Linux is supported. The EPK is available for download from the Open Virtual Platforms™ (OVP™) website. EPKs provide a known good starting point for users to extend the functionality of the virtual platform to closer reflect their own platform, by adding more component models, running different operating systems or adding additional applications. The EPK is available in both OVP (C language) and SystemC/TLM2.0 (C++) flavors.

EPKs require one of the Imperas simulator products to run. The Imperas M*SDK flagship product includes the M*DBG debugger, M*VAP Verification, Analysis and Profiling tools and the iGen™ platform and model productivity tool.

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