PIC32 Ethernet Starter Kit

The PIC32 Ethernet Starter Kit provides the easiest and lowest cost method to experience 10/100 Ethernet development with PIC32. Combined with Microchip’s free TCP/IP software, your project will be running in no time. The PIC32 has an available CAN 2.0b peripheral and USB host/device/OTG. The Ethernet Starter Kit has a form factor and expansion connector that are compatible with other PIC32 Starter Kits.

MIPS-based Microchip PIC32 features and benefits

Microchip’s 32-bit portfolio with the MIPS® processors offers high performance microcontrollers, and all the tools needed to develop your embedded project. With free software, low cost development tools, and pin/peripheral compatibility from 16-bit product lines, PIC32 MCUs shorten time to market and allow your designs to grow. PIC32 gives your application the processing power, memory and peripherals your design needs.

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