Transfer Notice

Dear Member of “MAC”, the MIPS Academic Community, formerly the “IUP”,

2017 was a turbulent year for Imagination Technologies with MIPS separating from Imagination last October, and both companies being acquired by new owners in November.

Despite these distractions during 2017, the University Programme completed the release of MIPSfpga 2.0, and ran a global programme of workshops for the Connected Microcontroller Lab (“CML”).

The MIPS Academic Community
The “Imagination University Programme” has become the “MIPS Academic Community” (“MAC”) and provides Teaching Material Downloads and Support Forums as previously.
We have made good progress in restoring full functionality to the new website:

All existing IUP Registrations are valid for this site, and this month the New Registration and Forgotten Password functions will be added.
In the meantime, we can add new registrations manually. Just e-mail:

Plans for 2018 & new Home
- We will stop support of the “Introduction to Mobile Graphics” Teaching Materials by 31st March 2018
- During Q1’18, responsibility for the MAC will be moved to our key partner Digilent Inc. They are our primary partner for hardware for both MIPSfpga and CML, and have worked closely with MIPS on video tutorials, workshop organisation and events. They will be licenced by MIPS to provide these MIPS-based Teaching Materials and all the associated support.
We will write to you again when this changeover will take place. (Note: If you would prefer that we do not share your contact details with Digilent, please let us know).

- We have several new projects in the pipeline, which will be released through the new Digilent home. These include Spanish Translations of CML, an extensively revised & corrected version of the Russian edition of “Digital Design & Computer Architecture”, Video Tutorials for MIPSfpga v2, and  even more new Labs for MIPSfpga v2.
- We will also be organising a new schedule of workshops for MIPSfpga v2, hosted by Digilent.

About Digilent

Digilent Inc is a National Instruments company. Details here:
We will continue to provide practical help to academia and we appreciate greatly your patience during these changes.

The present team will remain involved so continuity is assured.


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