MIPSfpga Half-Day Workshop at HiPEAC Conference 2017

Hands-on with a non-obfuscated MIPS core for teaching and projects!


The Imagination University Programme is pleased to host a tutorial specifically for teachers, based on the award winning “MIPSfpga” core. MIPSfpga is the RTL source code of the MIPS microAptiv for implementation on an FPGA. It is a member of the same family found in many embedded devices, including the popular PIC32MZ microcontroller from Microchip, Mediatek/SEEED Studio’s new LinkItSmart7688 and Samsung’s Artik1.

This tutorial will show you how to use this core as part of a Computer Architecture course, which will pave the way for your students to use it in their projects, in effect creating their own SoC designs. MIPSfpga is the real “industrial” RTL, non-obfuscated, and available freely for academic use. These tutorials and workshops are part of a global programme of events to enable teachers to harness this wonderful technology. You can be among the first to get hands-on with MIPSfpga!


Room 21, Waterfront Congress Centre, HiPEAC 2017, Stockholm, Sweden. Wednesday January 12th 2017

  • Pre-tutorial Software configuration at 01:00
  • Introduction to MIPSfpga
  • Hands-on with MIPSfpga
  • MIPSfpga SoC and Beyond

After your half day of training you will be proficient in using MIPSfpga and be aware of its potential to revolutionise your teaching of Computer Architecture. All delegates will be given access to:

  • MIPSfpga core
  • The full Getting Started Guide (written by Prof. Sarah Harris, co-author of Digital Design & Computer Architecture by Harris & Harris, with contributions from Xilinx)
  • Detailed reference documentation about MIPS microAptiv.
  • Other vital information/programs that enable the whole package to work effectively.


  • Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel    Software Engineer at Imagination Technologies
  • Sean Raby                           Solutions Engineering at Imagination Technologies
  • Robert Owen                        Manager Imagination University Programme


  • Free of charge for members of academia.
  • Open to academic faculty members, with a priority for those involved directly in teaching.
  • The tutorial will be given in English
  • Prior experiences of Vivado or Codescape MIPS SDK are useful but not essential.
  • If over-booked, we reserve the right to accept or refuse registrations based on our desire to enable the widest number of universities and colleges to participate.


Additional Sessions

  • Imagination University Programme Booth

Tuesday 24th January 2017, all day, at Level M1 area

  • Industry Panel

Tuesday 24th January 2017, 14:35-14:50, at Room 35+36 Level 3



Please apply the workshop online here.


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The HiPEAC conference is the premier European forum for experts in computer architecture, programming models, compilers and operating systems for embedded and general-purpose systems.

The 12th HiPEAC conference will take place in Stockholm, Sweden from Monday, January 23 to Wednesday, January 25, 2017. Associated workshops, tutorials, special sessions, several large poster session and an industrial exhibition will run in parallel with the conference.

The three day event attracts about 600 delegates each year.

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