MIPSfpga v2.0 tutorial @ FPL 2017 Ghent, Belgium

The Imagination University Programme will be hosting a tutorial specifically for teachers, based on the award winning MIPSfpga teaching materials, during the Field Programmable Logic Conference (FPL) in Ghent, Belgium, this September! The latest version of these materials called MIPSfpga v2 reflect the maturity of the materials, licensed by over 500 universities worldwide, and now includes 25 in-depth exercises which take students both around the core configuring peripherals, and then inside to look at cache memory and pipeline operation.


Location: Culture and Convention Centre Het Pet, Ghent, Belgium

Date: 7th September 2017

Agenda: After your full day of training, you will be proficient in using MIPSfpga v2 and be aware of its potential to revolutionise your teaching of Computer Architecture.



***Note: In order to attend the tutorial, you will first need to register for FPL 2017.

To register, head to https://www.fpl2017.org/accounts/register/



*****Early-bird price applicable till 15th July only.



For more information, please see brochure:

MIPSfpga v2 WS brochure Agenda