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"An Introduction to Mobile Graphics"

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At Universities, graphics technologies are generally taught as part of game development or the computer science curriculum, and are based on standard console or PC graphics. Since consumers increasingly interact with graphics on their mobile devices via games and user interfaces (UIs), it is important that developers understand the specific constraints of mobile devices where power-efficient rendering is a must.
This workshop will present a course designed to introduce real-time rendering on mobile devices to students who have little or no prior experience with 3D graphics programming. The course materials were developed by Darren McKie, undergraduate/MSc games and graphics programme leader and selector fellow of the Higher Education Academy, Department of Computer Science, at the University of Hull.

Workshop Content

Dates: One Day Workshops – 23rd OR 24th September, 2015



  • Welcome & Introduction to the Imagination University Programme (“IUP”)
  • Lecture: Basics of the PowerVR Framework, and simple Object Orientated Design
  • Lab: PowerVR Framework
  • Lecture: OpenGL ES 2.0 basics
  • Lab: Using PVRTrace to identify issues
  • Wrap-up / Q&A
  • A visit to Imagination’s Demo Room to see the latest technologies will also be included

After your day of training you will have a good understanding of the specific requirements of mobile graphics and an appreciation of how these teaching materials could be integrated into your computer graphics curriculum.

All delegates will be given access to the lecture slides and course notes, programming exercises and solutions, as well as example exam questions and answers.

To Get the Course Materials

After registration for the University Programme here

The course materials can be downloaded here.

The hands-on exercises in the Workshop will use Imagination’s CI20 Creator Board


  • These workshops are open to academic faculty members, with a priority for those involved directly in teaching
  • We reserve the right to accept or refuse registrations based on our desire to enable the broadest spectrum of Universities and Colleges to participate


These workshops are free of charge for members of academia but places are limited and demand will be strong, so please apply for your place quickly. (However, please do not apply if you are not sure you can attend.) Please apply online here.

Find out about the Imagination University Programme

For more information or enquiries, please visit our IUP page or the University Forum .The IUP Team will be on-hand to discuss your interests. To stay in touch, please register for the Imagination University Programme here

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